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2014 Friends

  • Sandy Hayes, MPH
  • Cindy Siler
  • Dr. Patti Vanhook, FNP-BC
  • Elizabeth R. Smith, DPh


2012 Friends

  • Dr. Joseph A. Florence in memory of his brother, Thomas Florence
  • Patrick and Margarette Lipford in memory of “Coach” Jim Mathis, St. Dominic’s School for Boys, Memphis, Tennessee
  • Elizabeth R. Smith, D.Ph in honor of State Representative Mike Harrison
  • Susan Veale in memory of Teresa Williamson, Pulaski, TN

2011 Friends

  • Patrick and Margarette Lipford in memory of their aunt, Joyce Lantrip of Amory Mississippi who died this year
  • Paula Postai in memory of Captain Mark F. Postai 4477th USAF
  • Tennessee Rural Partnership in memory of Al Grant
  • Susan Veale in memory of Florence Veale, mother-in-law, Al Grant, and her special "Angel"

2010 Friends

  • Dr. Joseph Florence
  • Patrick Lipford in memory of Skylar Nock and Tom Widner, who both passed away in 2010
  • Elizabeth Smith, DPh, in honor of Dr. Jose Velasco and Dr. Mark Dalle Ave, Medical Directors of Rural Health Services Consortium, Inc, in Rogersville
  • Paula Postai
  • Darlene Swart in memory of her mother, Ruth Carlton
  • Susan Veale in memory of her mother, Ruth Zapisotsky Feldman, and uncle, Joseph B. Levine
  • Betti Wilson in memory of Connie Hall Givens