United States Hepatitis Academic Mentorship Program

The US-HAMP (United States Hepatitis Academic Mentorship Program), a program of the Kentucky Rural Health Association would like to invite you to the US-HAMP Summit on July 27, 2021. This will be a virtual event for Key State Leaders.  Please refer to HAMP attachment for agenda/program about US-HAMP.

US-HAMP is a multi-state collaborative learning network to train key state leaders on the implementation of a successful HAMP model in an effort to empower primary care providers in their state to screen, diagnose, evaluate, treat, cure and report hepatitis C outcomes.  Current HAMP best practice will be discussed by state leaders in Kentucky and West Virginia.

US-HAMP Program Goals:


 “Every patient with hepatitis C deserves treatment.”

  1. Educate key state leaders about the elements of a successful state-based HAMP model. 
  2. Empower state leaders to develop a team-based program that will improve both individual and public health and provide momentum for eliminating hepatitis C in the US according to the Viral Hepatitis Strategic Plan 2025.
  3. Advocate for expanded access to curative hepatitis C treatment through education of a broad range of care providers, development of strong linkages to care, best practices, health equity, policy changes and insurance reform.
  4. Collaborate to provide resources and networking opportunities to multiple stakeholders within their state.  Collaborate with other state programs to strengthen state-based HAMP.

How to learn more:
Contact Tina McCormick, Executive Director, Kentucky Rural Health Association/US-HAMP Program, call 270-577-1707 or email her directly at [email protected].

Suggested Audience:

Rural Health Association Executives, Primary Care Association Executives, Medicaid Medical Directors, Medicaid Director of Pharmacy, Department of Health Medical Directors, Viral Hepatitis Program Coordinators, Specialty Medical Directors – Hepatology, GI and Infectious Disease, Payers, Health Innovation and Quality Executives, Population Health Executives, Specialty Pharmacy, University Faculty and Policy Executives

If you are interested in developing a state program, we ask that you think of key leaders who would be willing to attend and join your collaborative effort as you work together to develop a best practice program for your state.  Please feel free to extend this invitation to  them.

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