Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is about empowering individuals, reducing the impact of breast cancer, and working towards a world where the disease no longer poses a significant threat to women's health. Awareness empowers individuals with knowledge about the disease, its risk factors, and the importance of early detection. By understanding breast cancer and its potential impact, people can make informed decisions about their health and take preventive measures.

We encourage women to schedule regular screenings, such as mammograms, and perform self-examinations, allowing early detection. When women are proactive in their health, the chances of successful treatment, if necessary, are highest. Early detection can significantly improve survival rates and reduce the physical and emotional burden on patients and their families.

Routine appointments with your doctor are important, but also asking important questions like genetic predisposition can help save your life. Women are already 100 times more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer than men. Meaning gender alone is a risk factor for women. Genetics play a large role in early diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. Knowing if your immediate family has been diagnosed with breast cancer or holds a genetic gene is valuable in calculating your risk. Being aware of those genetic risks also helps navigate the environmental risk that may negatively increase your chances of having breast cancer. Consumption of alcohol, daily exercise, and consuming certain medications can all be managed properly with the right information, helping lower those genetic risk factors. Doing your part in being proactive and understanding your health is a valuable tool. We ask that this October you make it a mission to put your health first. 

For more information on breast cancer screenings and tests, click here.

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