TELADOC and Health Advocate benefit webinar

Medical/Behavioral Telehealth Options: 

Removing the barriers of access, stigma of care, and cost of treatment are of paramount importance.  Whether you are charged with delivering healthcare to the uninsured public or providing a low-cost benefit to help recruit and retain employees (especially those who are part-time, unbenefited, or cannot afford group health plans), you need answers.  It sounds impossible that you could help solve that problem for as little as $10/mo/family, but it is possible - with TELADOC and Health Advocate.


Teladoc is the nation's first and largest Telemedicine provider giving families 24/7 access to U.S.-based, prescription-writing physicians with unlimited use and zero copay.  The result is safer, happier, healthier, and more loyal employees who aren’t wasting time and missing work scheduling or driving to appointments or sitting in waiting rooms.  You may upgrade to our ELITE PLAN that includes regular appointments for ongoing care with specialists like dentists, psychiatrists, psychologists, dermatologists, and nutritionists with no copay or deductible. 


 Join us Wednesday, December 1st at 11 AM Eastern, 10 AM Central to see how Teladoc and Health Advocate can help those you serve.  Click HERE to register for this informative webinar.

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